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About Us
NCS was started in 2004 - with the aim of offering "World class one-stop CAM and Front End Solutions" for
PCB Manufacturers. Our team of engineers has global manufacturing and DFM experience, a critical success
factor to understand requirements of customers at a micro level.
The Company believes in complete openness and total commitment in transactions both with the customers
and suppliers in the value chain. As an organization, NCS is committed to excelling in the area of CAM/CAD
solutions and committed to giving Zero Defect solutions. Our organization skills comprises of managing
Business Dynamics, Human Resource Management, Imparting Training Skills, Quick Delivery  scaling to
customer needs. NCS has nourished a strong team culture along with oriented flexibility, willingness to
change and learn, high motivation to meet and exceed delivery requirements. NCS has a good infrastructure
facility, necessary skills, tools and technologies. 
NCS also has capabilities to deliver complete front-end solutions, which include customer
specification review and internalization within the organization. 
Customer Benefits
With fast and accurate CAM output, NCS allows the manufacturers to react more quickly to their customer
needs. Furthermore, scripting to minimize errors, competitiveness, 24x7 operations, customer interface and
the management of cyclic work load helps NCS keep ahead of its competitors. With a quality driven platform,
NCS benefits its customers  in: quick start-ups, best manpower available from day 1, cost advantages, higher 
efficiency in terms of quality and cycle time, product conformance, minimize training cost, launching pad for
future expansion; other significant tangible benefits to customers like higher profit margins, improved output
quality, turnaround time and neutralized economic risk.
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PCB CAM Services

NCS offers best PCB design services with it experience expertise and quality. NCS has huge customer base in Europe for their PCB CAM Services

CAM Design

NCS offers best in the class CAM solutions to its customers with the highest level of quality

With its best class automation tools and technology NCS provides quick turnaround times with no compromise to quality

NCS offers Product Engineering, AOI, E-Testing services to ensure greater quality for their PCB and CAM Design Solutions